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How Does Tooth Extraction Work?

Tooth extraction occurs when the root of a tooth or teeth becomes damaged and cannot be salvaged by a temporary tooth implant. There are three different types of tooth extractions that are done in dental procedures. First is dental bridges where a temporary tooth implant is placed in the open space. Second is dental implants where a permanent tooth implant is placed into the open gap.

A dental extractor, also known as a tooth extraction dentist is a professional who removes teeth. A tooth extraction Abbeville is performed for various reasons, but most often to eliminate teeth that have grown into places that are difficult or impossible to save through the use of a tooth implant. Dental extractions are the third option after tooth implant and tooth extraction.

To understand how tooth extraction works, you must first understand how tooth extraction happens. A dentist takes x-rays of your mouth so they can see what the roots of the teeth look like. After taking these x-rays the dentist will make an exact replica of the root of your tooth or teeth. Once this is done, he or she will then place a titanium post on the root so that it will stay put. This process is called a root canal and can occur in one of two ways.

First the dentist may decide to just cut the tooth out rather than performing an extraction. Sometimes this choice is made because the tooth is not life threatening or has grown in size. When this happens it is best to have the tooth pulled out and replaced by a bridge as soon as possible. Second, the dentist may perform a tooth extraction with the intention of removing the teeth that are causing difficulty. This is most often the case if the tooth is seriously damaged or if there is a large cavity in the tooth. Get to read more now about the tooth extraction process from this page.

Once a tooth extraction has been performed, the dentist will bandage up the area and will place pain medication so that you are not in too much pain during the recovery time. You will probably be told to keep your mouth closed and avoid eating anything for a few days. You will be given instructions on how to take care of the extraction itself. You will most likely not be allowed to eat any type of food for a period of time but after that time you can start eating small pieces of food.

A tooth extraction is a major procedure and recovery can take a long time. If you have a cavity in your tooth, the dentist may also perform a dental implant. This will allow you to have teeth that look like your old teeth without the added expense of paying for them. Check out this page elaborating more on the topic.

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